Another Successful Pre-Draft Camp

From May 17-19, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights saw over 50 players born 1999-2003 attend the annual Knights Pre-Draft Camp. The weekend offers an opportunity for players to showcase their abilities to the coaching staff who may not have had the chance to follow them throughout the season. Additionally, families are invited to spend the weekend and learn through orientation and seminars about what life is like as a member of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights.

“We want to educate the kids,” said NAHL Head Coach and General Manager Tom Kowal. “We want to educate their parents, brothers and sisters. We want to give the best experience for these families that come and we want these people to walk away with a better education of what the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights are, and more importantly what it takes to be a junior hockey player in the North American Hockey League.”

The NAHL Draft is June 4th at 2pm eastern time. Then will come the time Coach Kowal, along with Assistant Coach Andrew Whiteside will collaborate to make the decision of who the future Knights are. The Pre-Draft Camp provides the staff with a last-minute look at players who could potentially make the draft board come the first Tuesday in June.

Andrew Whiteside talking to players and families at the Pre-Draft Seminar.

“We want good players in our program that can think the game well,” said Whiteside. “A good player with Hockey IQ doesn’t have to be the fastest skater or have the best hands, but you need to know what play to make and where to be on the ice at all times. It’s not the only thing we look at, but it’s a big box we want to check off when we scout these players throughout the year.”

The NAHL Draft will be broadcast live on HockeyTV.